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Susan Humphrey, Artist

The beauty of Colorado is my spirit! For someone to enjoy my photos, is like looking into my heart and sharing something that is so personal, I keep it guarded at times.  I use my photography as a record of the history, as well as the awesome beauty of the area.  I remember all of the family stories about moving cattle around the area, the wildlife seen and the accidental rodeos along the way.  I love the way that you can stand in the high alpine and see the desert adobes in the distance. The more photos I take, the more amazing detail I see. I especially like to capture the landscapes and ranch life; I have also become fascinated with the mustangs in Sand Wash Basin in Northwestern Colorado.

I recently have taken workshops on Oil Painting. My favorite is an Expressionism style of the western ranch life. Although my skills are limited, I am enjoying the challenge of improving with every work. I hope that you enjoy visiting Colorado through my eyes and art!